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Club 777 - Mini Casino, an excellent place where you can gather your friends to have fun. A select and friendly atmosphere that offers more comfort and more security than a casino. Find the best comfort and choose what you like best:

Frontend System Include
Original Slot Machine 777 » To make money and amuse your friends, clients and family
Modern Lottery System » An excellent choice for substantial profits every weekend
Nice Lucky Wheel » Increase your chances of winning and free access to more bets
Coupon System » Opciona discounts through coupons gift system (best to save)
Chips Transfer System » Useful system so that members can help each other
Banner System » Nothing better than an automated advertising system (for all members)
Membership system » For those who want fun and for who want to bet the maximum gains
Affiliate program » Earn money without spending anything. Earn what you spend your guests
Payment Membership System » So that members can choose the maximum use of applications
Payment Proof System » Displays the list and payments made to all members of the system
Payment Stripe System » Payment by credit card for the convenience of all members and customers
Payment PayPal System » Payment through PayPal for all members and customers who like to use it
Blog integrate » A privileged space to publish news that members of the system is offered
Languages » English, Spanish, Russian

Dashboard cPanel Admin
Membership User Sister » Free User » Vip User
User option for spin to Slot Machine » Maximun bet for free user + Maximun bet for Vip user
User option for spin to Lucky Wheel » Option price, for free and user vip + max runs daily users
User option for Lottery system » Option price, for free and user vip + max runs daily users
Settings for chips transfer system » So users can transfer chips between them
Settings for payment proofs » For users to upload proof of payment, or without documents
Settings for all members » To adjust all options free users and vip users and their applications
Settings for IP registration » To control and prevent duplicate accounts and multiple accounts
Settings for country registration » For precise control and accurate statistics Member
Settings for blacklist (Emails/IP) » To block mails and malicious IP to prevent abuses
Settings for pack chips » To offer different alternatives for all users, many chips and prices
Settings for manage Banners » Pricing options, publishing, promotion and views
Settings for coupon system » So users can discount gift vouchers offered by the system
Settings for blog post » To make publications and optimize content casino
Settings for faqs system » To create questions and answers for users (support for members)
Settings for money system » Options to choose the type of currency, payment methods, etc.
Settings for mailing system » Options for sending email news and types of members
Settings for captcha system » To protect the system from unwanted email and spam
Settings for affiliate system » Payment types and percentages for the two types of users
Settings for newsletter sender » Options for sending mass mail system users for notifications
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