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1) How it is and how it works Pintter Traffic?
Pintter Traffic is a very effective system to attract visitors and new customers to their websites. It is a tool for exchange of visits, 100% real. It is a set of applications that have an amazing ability to both send to your website actual traffic and very high quality, as well as make money at the same time increase your web traffic.

Not only get a traffic of high quality, you can earn large amounts of free with our "Wheel of Fortune" credits, you can make big profits with our system of "Loteria", you can earn for each guest you bring on our site. Pintter will certainly not only a good experience, this can bring you more benefits than you think. It is the last generation for real website traffic and money-making opportunities.
2) Offered and we can make in Pintter Trafic?
1. Bring traffic to your website. 2. Make money by Invite Friends. 3. Make money by putting banner on your website. 4. Earn money and credit with only register. 5. Earn 20% of everything you spend your referrals. 6. Winning credits with automatic surfing. 7. Play and win our wheel of fortune. 8. Play and win our weekly lottery. And many more of oprtunidades we let them discover.
3) As I can get the best SEO/SEM and Benefit?
Two are the great options that Pintter offers so you can get the best performance for your content and your websites: pintter.com & pintter.net . Using our social network pintter.com get the best natural positioning in search engines as well as rapidly expand its information on the Internet. Using pintter.net not only will you get a powerful natural traffic to your site, you'll get our best customers who are using our system to meet new websites, products and services.
4) How to know that Pintter traffic is natural?
Two things clear and well-defined security support: First; The system does not allow double register, is allowed only one account per user and IP. Second; The pages shown in the advertising section can not be displayed more than once in 24 hours for the same user. The system has security measures against automatic changes of IP, using proxy, Both or other means that could alter the proper functioning of users. Pintter.net Traffic is a clean, transparent and perfectly secularized system. The performance and quality of visits are 100% natural and very high scalability positioning in major search engines.
5) That is the lottery system and how it works?
We recommend playing a lottery every week, your luck can increase your number of credits system. More credits - get more free traffic. The lottery system is a simple, natural and encryption system that can not be manipulated. Every Saturday 23.59 hour the system randomly selects a user ticket to reward. We never know who can earn, the system chooses the winner and above shows the list of winners. Use it with confidence.
6) That is the roulette system and how it works?
As understood much there to comment on this chapter :) Only I can tell you that it works on the same principles as the lottery. It is a secure, encrypted system that offers the possibility of increasing their profits. You can use the wheel once every 12 hours.
7) Users, system operation and restrictions?
Pintter.net is a system free of restrictions and open to any user level. We try to maintain a natural balance and not put restrictions on clicks, visits, surfing or other applications necessary for the development of a fluid activities. Only requires correctness and dedication, the rest we'll notice throughout your stay. Pintter not intended to gather mass of users outside this subject but only the best and those who really passionate about the system.

That is why both the invitation we do at the same time you try to tell you not only waste time browsing. Come in, register and get to work in less than five days reap the reward for your foreshortening. I just know that you are in a secure and free system where most users will not only look at by the profits but at the same time seeking to discover new projects, products or services that may interest them.
8) Online Surfing, what this and how it works?
As understood, the system surfing to visit new websites have it available to all users for free. We try to offer the same options for all users so that everyone can benefit from the convenience of a professional navigation.

By including your website in pintter system and for everything to work properly only thing to do it is ensure that your page has a level of load. Do not forget, free users benefit from a presentation to their websites only 5 sec Surfing system. Before you begin, make sure your website fully charge at this time. Also ensures that your site will be displayed correctly for other users to see.

VIP users will not have to worry about slow loading of your websites. VIP users benefit from a traffic to their websites, more than 12 seconds, which makes it much safer navigation (load its pages), as well as better rate of visits received. It is your choice to be VIP user or not, but the advantages are significantly noticeable in the quality of traffic, importance in the search rankings, etc.
9) How to make more money and credits?
Earn Extra Points in less then 5 minutes! ... All you need to do is to create a video about our website, post it to YouTube, in the YouTube description you have to add our link and a good description about our website (be creative) then post the link here and wait for one of the admins to review it!

What you can get:
You can get up to: 10.000 points.
Also you will get 240 VIP Hours (10 Days).
10) What is the Club 777?
Club 777 is a very effective » Mini Casino system to attract visitors and new Customers » Friends » Colleagues and Family » Excellent safety place where you can gather your friends to have fun and make money. A select and friendly atmosphere that offers more comfort and more security than a casino. Never feel better and safe as in your own home.
11) I have Assistance, Support and help?
By using our club, all members benefit from necessary assistance 24/24 hours ... We are at the disposal of our members with help and support for any subject, question or problem that may arise throughout the stay at the club. We try to offer a pleasant stay and a perfect environment for all our mimbros feel better than anywhere else.
12) How does the system work?
Easy, safe and beautiful, at the disposal of all the public. Nothing better than to play a friendly atmosphere, win and make new friends. This is a sisema works by chance, it is based on the typical operation of any casino, using chips. Play with chips, you win and become real money. Profits are poured directly into the personal accounts of each user.
13) What are the options for play?
Options for Chips: 1. You can buy packages through the system offers. o You can win free chips through the affiliate system (inviting friends to play) or put our banner on your website. Earn 10% for all spend your guest or user who reaches the system through your banner or affiliate link.
14) What is and that it serves Payment Proof?
This is a system showing transparency and good behavior of the members with the general system and operation of the Club. This shows the earnings and payments made to members. You can confirm the payments through evidence or it may simply be the choice of the member. This is so that all users have the security and confidence that we are a serious club and transparent.
15) How the slot machine works?
Slot Machine ... The ideal place where you can really earn substantial amounts of money if you like the originality of the game. Our virtual machine is a perfect replica of the original machine the (Slot 777), the most famous machines of the big casinos around the world. The machine is structured by rules simple and typical earnings as any other real machine to ensure fluid game for all users.
16) How Lucky Wheel work?
Lucky Wheel ... extra system to help users to win two types of prizes: 1. Days as members Vip, 2. Real money directly to their accounts. It is a system with few degrees of difficulty that randomly selects the prize for each player. The Lucky Wheel offers an important advantage: Win Vip days for free, to play the maximum bet on the slot machine and lottery tickets half price.
17) How does work Lottery System?
Lottery System ... a simple, natural and friendly system where you can make money in a safe manner. It is an automated system that randomly selects and winner. You can bet every day or every time the configuration meets the needs of members. The winners will be listed after each draw, the prizes will be loaded instantly in the account of each winner.
18) How the affiliate system work?
Affiliate system is very similar to any other program. The differences that give advantages in our system is that profits can be lifelong: By inviting clients, friends, colleagues or family to play in our mini casino (Club 777). You will have 10% of everything that they spend on the system. Put our banner on your site will have the same effect on the sistea. All this work will make long-term average return of customers to our mini casino generates benefits in your favor forever. No matter that the client returns to play after two years, this will always be your affiliate and always win when buying chips.
19) How to Withdraw profits?
Just go to the corresponding section (Tab Money - Withdraw) and follow the two simple steps. Enter the amount to withdraw and tighten the (Submit) tab. With this simple step the system will be notified and will put you in the payment process. This option is valid for members who wish to withdraw your affiliate winnings, as well as for all users who wish to withdraw winnings from games.
20) How transfer chips to another account?
To transfer chips or gains from one account to another account just you have to go to the corresponding section (Transfer Chips) and follow the two simple steps. Enter the amount of chips and tighten the (Submit) tab. With this simple step the system will automatically and instantly transfer. This operation will apply a commission previously set by the system.
21) What is the difference between Vip and Free Members?
The option for free user is made for all game lovers to enjoy. Free user can play through the chips won or purchased but will be limited in some options bet or price. Example: The free user can not make more than 30 spins, a day in the slot machine, buy lotto tickets for double the price, you can play roulette but for double price, etc. Vip user has all relevant privileges and discounts, as their quote of 10 euros a month is considered as a support system, which makes him privileged.
22) How to make more Money and Chips?
Earn Extra Chips in less then 5 minutes! ... All you need to do is to create a video about our website, post it to YouTube, in the YouTube description you have to add our link and a good description about our website (be creative) then post the link here and wait for one of the admins to review it!

What you can get:
You can get up to: 100 Chips.
Also you will get 240 VIP Hours (10 Days).
23) As I can contact the Club?
To contact our management team you can use the contact form. You can expose your problem or issue and send it to the administration of the club. Depending on your needs will be answered by the same via email or phone if necessary and required.
24) Applications, Security and Policy Developments
We are improving daily our club so that all members have the best experience in this field. We have high expectations and a well-defined future for our club and applications that we will have to integrate. The club member, will always be the first to receive notices about new applications, upgrades and security. All featured will be published and mentioned in our use policy.

Regarding the security of the system mentioned that dealing with an encrypted security system. We operate by the principle of obfuscating data to offer the maximum guarantee of security for data privacy as well as for system security.